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Your wait is over - Weight loss under a Medical Doctor’s supervision. 

Your weight will be over with a little effort . . . and then . . .  Your life journey will start anew...

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Why this Program? 

Especially in our information age, there are thousands upon thousands of weight loss programs to choose from. If you take a moment with your computer and search the web for: “medical weight loss Toledo Ohio” over 100,000 different programs will come up. By taking the word ‘medical’ out and searching “weight loss Toledo Ohio” over 500,000 programs will come up. So "why this program?", because thus far what you have tried has not been successful, or the success was limited, and you are ready for your weight to be over in a healthy, long lasting way. 

Possibly you have tried other weight loss programs previously and failed? Possibly you succeeded for a short time but then the weight came back? Maybe you tried once, twice or ten times, it doesn’t matter; today is a new day and a new beginning. This will absolutely be the most unique weight loss program you have ever experienced.

This program is holistic, scientific, rational, user friendly, and does not require calorie or carb counting. There are no foods, supplements, or vitamins to buy. You will not be required to eat food that is foreign to you. Also, there is no preset meal schedule, or rigid protocol to follow.


Did you know?

Medical science did not study obesity when it began, and literally in the last few decades it became an epidemic. Unfortunately, obesity prevention, minimization, and management is not being taught to most medical students during their schooling. 


Does the program require exercise?

Aaah. . . as a Doctor, I would be remiss if I said exercise would not be a health benefit to most people who are trying to lose weight. However, exercise is not a strict requirement of the program. Additionally, in some cases, the obesity is caused by a disease that would prevent most exercise. In other cases, the overweight person might say that they do not have the time to exercise. Again, there are no hard and fast rules related to exercise. If you are medically able to exercise, exercise would facilitate weight loss in addition to providing numerous other health benefits.


Are there lotions, potions, magic pills?

This weight loss program is not an overnight solution. That is, it took you time to gain the weight, reasonably then, it will take you some time to lose the weight. If you are seeking a magic pill, overnight solution, or a quick fix, this is not the program for that. If that is your desire, I wish you the best in your search for that fix and please call us again should you become open minded to investing a small amount of time and energy in your weight loss efforts.


How often do you need to see Dr. Jabaly? 

Like many other weight loss programs, you will start by seeing Doctor weekly. Then every other week, if you hit a plateau, weekly visits may be reinstituted. If however, you are losing weight at a satisfactory rate, a visit every three weeks may be enough. It will depend on you.


Everyone likes free stuff:

If you refer a new weight loss patient to this program, after they make initial payment, as a sign of appreciation, you will earn a special bonus. (Your relation to the new patient will need to be verified.)


Everyone likes discounted stuff

Discuss with Doctor Jabaly purchasing package options based on your needs.


Keep in mind: 

If you are required to be on the road traveling a great deal of the time, you live in a different state, or your residence is a long driving distance from Dr. Jabaly, ask Doctor about the special arrangements that can be made to accommodate you.


Finally, as you are contemplating:

Sustained weight loss is the result of behavior change. If previous weight loss attempts had resulted in sustained weight loss, you would likely not be reading this. This program facilitates permanent behavior change through education regarding what YOUR body needs to get to a healthy weight and maintain it.



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