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Arthritis is a painful condition that can prevent you from playing with grandchildren or engaging in the activities you love. Family physician and weight loss specialist Georges Jabaly, MD, MSBS, treats all types of arthritis at his practice in Toledo, Ohio. If arthritis is interfering with your ability to move or enjoy life, call or click online to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jabaly today.

Arthritis Q & A

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is a medical condition that causes inflammation in one or more of your joints. This inflammation can cause pain and stiffness that restricts your ability to move. Arthritis can affect any joint in your body, including your hips, knees, and shoulders.

There are over 100 types of arthritis, but the two most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


This is the most common type of arthritis that occurs most often with age or after an injury. Osteoarthritis involves degeneration of the cartilage that protects the ends of your bones. When this cartilage wears away, your bones may grind against each other.

Rheumatoid arthritis

In this type of arthritis, your body’s immune system attacks the healthy tissues surrounding joints. This attack causes painful inflammation and swelling. Rheumatoid arthritis can become progressively worse, eventually destroying the cartilage and bone within affected joints.

Who gets arthritis?

Anyone can get arthritis, but certain factors may increase your susceptibility to this disease. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are more common in women and older adults. Gout, another type of arthritis, is more common in men.

Aside from age and sex, the following factors may increase your risk of getting arthritis:

  • Obesity
  • Family history of arthritis
  • Previous joint injury

What are symptoms of arthritis?

Arthritis symptoms may vary depending on the type and severity of your condition. Some of the most common arthritis symptoms include:

  • Joint pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Redness and swelling in the affected joint
  • Decreased range of motion

How does a doctor diagnose and treat arthritis?

First, Dr. Jabaly performs a physical exam, during which he closely checks your joints for signs of inflammation. He may request lab tests or diagnostic imaging to confirm a diagnosis of arthritis.

If you have arthritis, Dr. Jabaly discusses your best options for treatment. Depending on your individual circumstances, this may involve medications, physical therapy, or corticosteroid injections. If your condition is severe, he may refer you to an orthopedic surgeon.

If joint pain is limiting your ability to perform daily activities or otherwise affecting your quality of life, call the office of Georges Jabaly, MD, or book an appointment online today.